New Rollover Mitigation System (v-pro) Provides Warning Of Hazardous Rollover Conditions For Light, Medium, And Tactical Defense, Government, Fire And Emergency Vehicles

New RS-485 Mini-Signal Conditioning Board Provides Cost-Effective Solution That Can Be Integrated Into Larger Control Systems Or Used To Evaluate Fredericks Company 傾斜感測器

New “Low Profile” True Tilt Single or Dual Axis (X&Y) Wide Range Electrolytic 傾斜感測器 Feature Lower Profile for Limited Height OEM Applications

New Dual Axis Inclinometer Offers Microprocessor-Based Electronics With Analog Output For 日光追蹤, Industrial & OEM Applications

New TrueTilt™ Mid-Range Electrolytic Tilt Sensor Provides Highly Repeatable Mid-Range +10° Angle Measurement With A Linear Output

New Electrolytic Tilt Sensor With Patented "Thin Film" Technology Offers Sub Arc Second Measurement And Is Less Expensive Than Traditional High Accuracy Type 傾斜感測器

V-PRO車輛翻滾系統 - Early warning of LTV rollover risk, Visual and audible crew alerts, Simple 2-box solution » Read more

Mini Signal Conditioner Boards - Cost-effective & can be integrated into a larger system in a production environment. Easy way to evaluate tilt sensors. » Read more

NEW Electrolytic Tilt Sensor with Patented Thin Film Technology - The sensor provides inclination measurement with arc second repeatability untouched by MEMS sensor technology. » Read more