Custom Capabilities

Dewar Flasks / Temperature Insulating Devices

Fredericks is a leading manufacturer of glass dewar flasks. These dewar flasks are used in advanced applications such as infrared detector assemblies, thermal imaging systems, and opto-electronics instrumentation. Fredericks dewar flasks are constructed utilizing many forms of glass-to-glass and glass-to-element sealing. Specialized techniques have been developed for sealing many uncommon materials, including: Kovar, Sapphire, Germanium, and Platinum.

Precision grinding, polishing, and sealing equipment have allowed Fredericks to achieve tolerances to less than .001”. Repeatability to the tightest specifications is a hallmark of Fredericks dewar flasks– stringent quality control procedures assure consistent performance.


» Vacuum integrity assured through flawless hermetic sealing
» Tolerances to less than .001”
» Simple glass-to-glass configurations to highly elaborate glass-to-metal multi-element units

Dewar Sizes
Outside Diameter: .50” to 1.50”
(12.70 mm to 38.10 mm)
.125” to 1.0”
(3.175 mm to 25.40 mm)
Length: .75” to 6.0”
(19.05 mm to 152.40 mm)

Fredericks also offers complete custom dewar flask fabrication, including:
» Glass-to-sapphire sealing (dome shape or flat sapphire windows)
» Automatic grinding and polishing
» Automatic molding/sealing including multi-element lead patterns
» Graded seals

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