Custom Capabilities


Specialized glass forming techniques allow Fredericks to provide a wide range of ampule configurations, sizes, and shapes. We will custom form your ampules to close tolerances using a variety of glass sizes and materials.

Fredericks’ ampule-production capabilities include:

» Cylindrical, spherical, and a variety of shapes, annealed, ready for filling
» State-of-the-art control systems for filling various solids, liquids, and gases to exacting fill levels
» Advanced sealing capabilities that assure hermetic encapsulation of the filling substance
Custom ampule filling of “hard-to-handle” materials such as mercury and anhydrous ammonia
Innovative, proprietary machinery that assures repeatability of your unique ampule shape

Range of Ampule Configurations

Outside Diameter:
.20” to 1.00” (5.08 mm to 25.4 mm)
Wall Thickness:
.015” to .050” (.381 mm to 1.27 mm)
Stricture Inside Diameter:
.012” to .045” (.305 mm to 1.143 mm)
Stricture Wall Thickness:
.010” to .020” (.254 mm to .508 mm)
Ampule Height:
.250” to 3.00” (6.35 mm to 76.2 mm)

Types of Glass for Custom Ampules:

• Pyrex®
• Soda Lime
• N51A
• Kovar


A specialty of Fredericks is the glass encapsulation of hard-to-handle substances. Whether a liquid, solid or gas, Fredericks has the capability of encapsulating extremely small volumes and weights, such as a glass ampule that holds only 4.5 mg of mercury. Additionally, Fredericks has encapsulated ammonia and other challenging materials. Coupled with Fredericks custom ampule forming capability, we can meet your unique encapsulation needs for prototype or higher volume production.

Fredericks also offers complete product packaging, combining custom-filled ampules with your product labeling for market distribution. Fredericks is your best source for advanced glass encapsulation.

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