The Fredericks Company offers complete, cost-effective design and manufacturing services for custom short-run or high volume filaments and welded filament assemblies.

Specializing in fine wire and ribbon forming and welding, we form as small as .003” diameter wire and .002“ thick ribbon while meeting very tight dimensional tolerances.

Coating services are available for filaments manufactured in-house or as supplied by our customer. 

Filament Configuration

Available in all shapes and sizes, both the filaments and welded assemblies can be produced in wire or ribbon material.  Helix, arrow, straight, circle and horseshoe shaped configurations are just some of the many configurations we offer.

Filament Material   

A choice of tungsten, iridium, molybdenum, rhenium, and platinum are available for custom forming to your required dimensions and tolerances.


Thorium and Yttrium coatings are available and can be applied to both wire and ribbon type filaments.  These coatings are designed to offer the advantages of a burn-out resistant base metal and a low-work function coating which enhances the operation of the filament in a variety of operating conditions.  An inactive protective coating is also available as a final step in the manufacturing process.

Filament & Springs



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