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傾斜感測器, Tilt Switches, Inclinometer Sensors Overview

The Fredericks Company is the leading manufacturer of precision tilt sensors, including angle measurement devices, tilt switches, inclinometers and more. Tilt sensors measure an angular position with reference to gravity and are used in a wide variety of applications from laser levels to seismic monitoring to medical devices.  The Fredericks Company has a full range of products capable of measuring ranges of arc seconds to 180°. 

Use the table below to find the right product family to fit your tilt sensor requirements.

Family Use Angle Range
Max. Resolution
TrueTILT Narrow Angle Precision Leveling ±2° 1
玻璃殼(小角度) Precision Leveling ±3° to ±5° 0.05
TrueTILT Mid-Range Angle Measurement 25° 1
玻璃殼(中角度) Angle Measurement ±9° to ±12° 1
TrueTILT Dual Axis
Wide Range
Angle Measurement ±25° to ±60° 12
Glass Wide-Range Angle Measurement ±25° to ±70° 1
Micro-Arc Angle Measurement 180° 12

In addition to our standard products, we have a range of specialty sensors.  We can customize our products to meet your requirements.  to learn more.

To learn more about the principles of electrolytic tilt sensing and how to integrate tilt sensors into your application, see our 技術資料rmation page.

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